About Us

INVERTED STAIRCASE PRODUCTIONS… A unique perspective on digital media.

We are filmmakers.
We craft stories that make a difference.
We collaborate for a creative atmosphere
We produce media to change perspectives
And did we mention that we like to make films?

What we do:

Inverted Staircase Productions is a full service digital cinema & video production company based in the northern Indianapolis area. ISP offers services for documentary, narrative, web, promotional, and music video production. Whatever the genre, the Inverted Staircase staff works alongside their clients to achieve a unique, quality product that will stand out from the crowd.

A brief history:

When it all went down… It was a dark and caffeinated night at a small university in the Midwest. Two media students stared at the ceiling (the official collegiate homework preparation method). Suddenly, their gazes lighted upon an MC Escher print entitled “Relativity“. It was at that moment, the vision came… a vision of seeing life from a different perspective and not blindly walking up the staircase of life you’re on. In the spring of 1997, Inverted Staircase Productions was founded to fulfill that vision.


The Crew:

Thomas A. Johnson

Nathaniel D. Savidge