So, what exactly does Inverted Staircase do?


What do you want your story to look like? The next Hollywood blockbuster? We would imagine so, but is high production value enough? Let’s dig a bit deeper: Is it clean and bright? Is it dark and edgy? Is it quirky or witty? Let’s determine what the best look is for you to tell your story through a combination of the right camera and lighting tools.


Sound matters! It was once asserted that “talkies” were merely a fad, but dialogue and sound design are now essential to the way our society consumes and responds to media. The way something sounds can evoke different emotions and even effect the way people see a given scene (Yes, I did say SEE) One human sense effects another. We believe in weaving a complete product that will sound as good as it looks and evoke the correct reaction.

Final Vision

The most beautiful images and the most pristine sound- unrefined- will not communicate your idea. The elements must be compiled into a cohesive, unified whole: The craft of merging sight and sound to send a message or tell a story. Post production is the art of creating your production’s final look and feel. How do you want your audience to feel? What is the core idea that must shine through? This process ensures the proper communication of your vision.

What genres does Inverted Staircase specialize in?

We specialize in the craft of storytelling. This applies equally to features, documentaries, music videos, and corporate communication.

What if I just need technical crew for a project?

While ISP is a full-service production company, we also provide crew services & equipment. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer.

We can work with whatever camera you desire. In house, we have Sony FS7 mk II, Sony A7III, and Canon 5D camera packages.

————>Jib Operation
We offer the 12′ Microdolly Jib System, as well as the 8′ Glidecam Camcrane.

————>Lighting & Grip
We offer an array of Fluorescent Biax, Open Face , and Frenel Fixtures, as well as grip to complement them.

————>Location Sound
We offer ENG and dual system setups with equipment from Zaxcom, Sound Devices, Comtek, K-Tek, and more.

————>Post Production for picture & sound
Our post services utilize most major market-standard tools (Avid, Adobe, Apple, etc.)